This guide was created in cooperation with the ‘Korttelipihat takaisin!’ (bring back block courtyards) residents' movement, FEMMA Planning and the City of Helsinki Urban Environment Division.


Editor: Kaisa Viitanen, Korttelipihat takaisin!

Project Manager: Milla Kallio, FEMMA Planning

Graphic design: Anne-Mari Ahonen, Korttelipihat takaisin!

Photographs: Lasse Lecklin

Client: Salla Ahokas and Hanna Harris, City of Helsinki

We would like to thank all residents and experts who participated in background interviews and workshops. 


‘Pihoja ihmisille Kivikorttelien vihreät keitaat’ (Multikustannus, 2006) by Mikko Mansikka was used as a source.