Guide to creating block courtyards 

Welcome to the courtyard guide to residents of apartment buildings! This site has been designed to support residents and members of housing companies in order to facilitate the joint development of courtyards.

At its best, the courtyard of an apartment building is an extension of the home, an extra green living room, where it is nice to spend time and maybe even do some chores.

Three steps to a block courtyard

A group of people are talking around the courtyard table

PHASE 1: Any changes in the courtyard begin with the residents: Arrange a meeting with the neighbours

The renovation of a courtyard can begin with the idea of one of the residents. Here are some pieces of advice for the initial phase to get as many neighbours as possible interested in the renovation of their own courtyard.

A woman walks on a path in the courtyard

PHASE 2: Starting cooperation across plot borders

Cooperation is difficult if the residents do not know each other. When doing things together, light experiments with the yard become attractive.

Children swing on a swing in the courtyard, a woman pushes the children

PHASE 3: Benefits are reaped by combining the functions of the courtyard

Separate courtyards merge into one large courtyard. Now is the time for the fruits of the cooperation: everyone gets more space and the courtyard can be designed to house different areas.

Inspiration and help with courtyard change

Flowers and trees in a courtyard

Be inspired by different block courtyards

Block courtyards have been developed in Copenhagen since the 1970s. In Vienna, residents stood up to defend one particular courtyard. Helsinki also has some beautiful block courtyards.

A group of people waving in the courtyard

Advice for potential conflicts

The development of a common courtyard often involves a wide range of perspectives and feelings. We compiled the most common concerns and some tips to overcome them.